Download Music : Sheck Wes Ft. Lil Yachty – “N***as Ain’t Close”

You may recognize Sheck Wes off the strength of his infectious single “Mo Bamba.” Now, with his name steady rising, Wes has linked up with another young voice, Lil Yachty. Together, the pair take to an intense, doomsday-alarm-esque instrumental, putting the lyrical content on cruise control. Instead, the chose approach is one fueled by swagger. “Bitch I’m rich, and I still don’t eat steak,” affirms Yachty, in case you were wondering. Can charisma carry this one?

Sadly, the result falls short. Give the sheer success and careefree melodic finesse of breakout hit “Mo Bamba,” this new follow-up single seems disappointing in comparison. In fact, both parties seem to be phoning it in, getting by on style-points alone; sadly, for those looking for longevity, consistent effort is hardly optional. Still, both parties are talented at what they do, and we can only hope they might find themselves more motivated upon crafting a follow-up.

Quotable Lyrics

Sheck and Boat
Shake and bake
Bitch, I’m rich
My backyard got a lake
Bitch, I’m rich
And I still don’t eat steak

Download Music : Sheck Wes Ft. Lil Yachty – “N***as Ain’t Close”

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