Download Mp3 : Yung Simmie – Unfriendly Competition


Blink twice if you think Yung Simmie is actually screaming “Holy War” on the industry. Don’t think for a second Simmie would ever bludgeon his own brother in Denzel Curry. But in the spirit of competition, or rather “Unfriendly Competion,” Simmie calls out the who’s who of contemporary rap, including a few names from his own clan. See for yourself:

Fat Nick: “It’s Glock 9 to flatten Fat Nick like a pancake.”

Pouya: “If he try to say ‘Pouya’ , imma do em like a perm,” & “And if Pouya try to save his dog, you gon’ find him under dirt.”

Denzel Curry: “But don’t worry, I cook Curry like it’s dinner time.”

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie: “A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie? No, call me boogeyman.”

Meek Mill: “I don’t take L’s, I ain’t Meek Mill.”

Robb Bank$: Might rob Robb Banks, tell him don’t make a sound.”

Yung Simmie finds himself in rather different climate.

Quotable Lyrics:

‘m with that white girl, no snow boy
Got it out the mud, had to get it ofd the floor boy
But let’s bump shoulders, fuck handshakes
I’m bouta’ trip like the luggage in a suitcase
Don’t compare me, the flow so scary
My weed to loud I don’t think you hear me
Or you ain’t heard of me

Download Mp3 : Yung Simmie – Unfriendly Competition

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